Webinars Sept-Oct 2022

The Precarious Work Research Consortium (PWR) has organized a series of online webinars during September and October leading up to the PWR-EUPHA pre-conference in Berlin.

The aim of these webinars is to start building the grounds to establish a platform for researchers and labor market statisticians seeking a common, actionable definition of precarious and non-standard employment. This platform will work to establish guidelines for collecting and reporting data in national statistics, building on results from the PWR research program and previous work by others. 

The webinars were recorded and can be accessed via the links below.

  • Sept 28 – Alejandra Vives (Pontificia Universidad Cat├│lica de Chile) presented the development of the Employment Precariousness Scale.
  • Oct 6 – Wayne Lewchuk (McMaster University) presented the work done within the PEPSO project and the design of the Employment Precarity Index.
  • Oct 12 – Carlsted Boldsen (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), Frank Schueller (Federal Statistical Office of Germany) and Vincent Hardy (Statistics Canada) presented the UNECE work on quality and forms of employment.
  • Oct 27 – Neil Pearce (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) presented the projects ISAAC/DEGREE, which have been using standardized and modularized protocols and surveys.

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27 October 2022 – Neil Pearce

12 October 2022 – Employment Quality

6 October 2022 – Wayne Lewchuk

28 September 2022 – Alejandra Vives

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