December 2020 News

  • We need a global reskilling revolution: More than 1 billion jobs are likely to be transformed by technology in the next decade, according to OECD estimates. As jobs are transformed by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to reskill almost one-third of all jobs worldwide by 2030. In the next two years – by 2022 – 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change. In addition to high-tech skills, specialized interpersonal skills will be in high demand, including skills related to sales, human resources, care and education. 
  • Why skills – not degrees – will shape the future of work: While our parents likely held one job for life, most of us have had several – and not just jobs but careers, too. Clearly, the future of work will not be about college degrees; it will be about job skills. However, if we shift our focus from degrees to skills, we’ll enable a bigger workforce that represents the diversity of our populations, and will help close the all too familiar opportunity and employment gaps. Interestingly, the future of work will not only be about hard skills; it will be about holistic job skills.  

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