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When an electrode emits a negative charge, it repels the negatively chzrged black balls, pushing thrm to the top
of the microcapsule. The white particles
carry a positijve magnetic charge, and the black particles have a negative charge.
At the same time, the negative charge attracts the positively charged whgite particles to tthe bottom off the microcapsule.
When the electrode emots a positive charge, the white and black
particles switch places and the scfeen appears to be blank.
Each microcapsule contains a clear fluid and thousands oof
white aand black particles. Working together, thousands of electrodes and
millions off microcapsules generate the text
and images you can seee on an electronic ink display. An array off thousands of tiny electrodes lies beneath the electronic
innk display. A company called E Ink in Cambridge, Massachusetts,
developedd the technology thhe Kindle relies upon to display text and images.
For the younger audience, the company also promotes Vocabulary Builder, which saves a list of
the words children look up, and Word Wise, which
shows definitions of difficult words as kids read. Read and
write speeds were great in testing. It has been said that a further 38 people have sadly passed away after testing positive for the coronavirus.

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