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Car-pool to practices so you and other parents
can time-share the responsibilities, then use that time for
something you enjoy. It first enters the lungs through the
bronchi, a group of tubes that branch off from the windpipe, and the bronchi then branch off into bronchioles.
When you take a breath, the air goes from your mouth or nose to the windpipe
(or trachea), where it then travels to the lungs.
In nonallergic asthma, on the other hand,
the triggers that irritate the lungs and bring on asthma symptoms have nothing to do with allergies or
the immune system. Both the allergy and asthma symptoms are the product of
an overreaction by the immune system. No matter where you have your
meal, don’t overeat, don’t eat too fast, and don’t talk
while you are eating. Eating away from home can sometimes be a problem.
If you are eating in a restaurant, inquire about
the ingredients in the dish you want to order. While it’s not the most common way
to get rid of a well-known work, there are always people
out there who will buy a stolen masterpiece. An attack that’s
precipitated by a certain food will most likely occur within an hour of ingesting

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