September 2020 News

“COVID-19: The devastating impact of a health and economic crisis on those operating in the informal economy”:

This policy brief from ILO, discusses how the informal sector worldwide has been affected by the pandemic. You can have a look at it at the following link—ed_protect/—protrav/—travail/documents/briefingnote/wcms_743623.pdf  

Gig workers – employed or self-employed? 

The fight to regulate the position of gig workers in the labor market may be slow, but it´s starting to shape across several countries. Here you can read more of ongoing discussions and what has been recently ruled out in Italy, Spain, France during this year.   

“Riders, the ongoing debate about delivery workers in the wake of the Covid-19 emergency”

“Spanish Supreme Court rules food-delivery riders are employees, not self-employed”

“France Considers New Protections for Gig Worker ‘Invisibles’”

Recruitment of non-standard workers:

We are ready to start the recruitment of non-standard workers and those workers that are unemployed due to covid-19. Each of the participating countries (Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Chile, USA and Canada) will share during the upcoming days the questionnaire within their network. Let´s try to reach as many people as possible, so everyone is encouraged to share the questionnaire within your own network.   

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